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PCP Simplistick Garden Planner Welcome to Simplistick Concepts

"The Simplistick Garden Planner is highly recommended as an invaluable resource for developing a working plan to put your own personal stamp on your garden design."   Australian Horticulture, May 2012

The Simplistick Garden Planner - Contains re positional stickers in all shapes and sizes for you to stick down and create a layered garden design. Consisting of over 1000 stickers of large trees, small trees, shrubs, potted plants, full pages of pavers in all styles, grass, decks, swimming pools, water features, barbeques, outdoor furniture, play equipment, garden sheds, shade sails and practically anything you need to create a landscape garden.

We are pleased to announce that we have made the design components available in a downloadable format (pdf) in what we have called the PCP Simplistick Garden Planner, it's as easy as print cut paste, take a look in our online shop to read more about this product.

Thanks for watching our YouTube video and visiting the Simplistick Concepts web page. The video was developed to showcase how easy it is to use the Simplistick Garden Planner. Remember your only limitation is your imagination not your artistic ability.

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